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Welcome to Treadle On! (MIRROR SITE)

TreadleOn is dedicated to promoting the use of antique and vintage human powered sewing machines, i.e. treadle sewing machines and hand crank sewing machines.
It is the home base and resource centre for the Treadle On Internet E-Mail List - for active users of treadle and hand crank sewing machines.
This web site includes instructions on basic maintenance and restoration of treadle sewing machines and hand crank sewing machines. It also contains some historical references, all of which are only the best information available at the time of posting or simply what was provided by someone in response to a question. For accurate historical data, individuals should do their own research.

The site was built, managed, and tickled into shape by Richard Wightman, who was and is a power to be reckoned with.. Many pages are written in the First Person, and he is that person.
As of 2014, the List and site were looked after by a team headed by Cindy Peters
Here they both are..
Sadly, Cindy has left up for that great sewing-machine-shop in the sky in 2019, but the site is secure, and the email list likewise, and we will carry on, if not regardless, then at least with a degree of abandon!
CLICK HERE for an appreciation or two of her work

TreadleOn also includes some quilting information as it relates to various user activities we sponsor.

Finally, it should be noted that Treadle On was originally formatted as a computer game that took place in a mythical island land called "Treadleonia".
Olde Treadleonia is no longer a part of the site, but you will occasionally encounter references to some of the creatures, customs and history of that land and time. They should be taken with a willingness to accept whimsy as reality. Those who find such a concept odd or bizarre are invited to seek for truth and the meaning of life elsewhere.
This Mirror site has been uploaded to ensure that the wonderful Treadleon site does not get lost in the future due to being taken off-line for any reason. This Mirror is a fixed mirror taken from the original site in 2021 and will not be updated. It is an archive only site made available for research purposes only. Please do not copy the content contained within this mirror as it is copyrighted to the original crator. Thank you and Enjoy. Mirror created by Gates Museum.

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